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Home extensions can offer endless benefits and are the ideal way to make the most of your home. Not only does an extension add immense value to your property, but it gives you the opportunity to customise it to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for more space to socialise or a smarter approach to storage, we have the knowledge and expertise to devise a solution that fits you.

At Trademark, we ensure your wants and needs remain at the heart of the project to ensure its success. So whether you're looking for a single, double, side return or wrap around extension, our passion for excellence coupled with years of industry experience will ensure your vision is brought to life in the most exceptional way possible.

One of our larger builds, we were tasked with fully extending the house from front to back with a two floor wrap around and lower garage extension.

Looking to increase the overall footprint of their home, our clients asked us to redevelop their home to create more bedrooms on the first floor whilst creating a larger kitchen/dining space and entrance hall on the ground floor.

This was a big job but the final result is one we're really proud of, as are our clients.

Timber Framed Extension

Rear timber framed extension to match existing with UPVC sliding doors and cement board cladding.

With their original extension in disrepair, the owners of this house were in urgent need of an upgrade.

We duly replaced the original installation with a cleaner and far more contemporary looking extension with the finish immediately transforming the overall aesthetic of the house and bringing it up to date.

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